International Workshop on
Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems



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THERMINIC Workshops are a series of events to discuss the essential thermal questions of microelectronic microstructures and electronic parts in general.


include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
  • Thermal and Temperature Sensors
  • Acquisition and analysis of Thermal data
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Temperature Mapping
  • Electro-thermal Simulation
  • Novel and Advanced Cooling Techniques
  • Thermal Modelling & Investigation of Packages
  • Thermal Performance of Interconnects
  • Reliability Issues
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • High Temperature Electronics
  • Validation of Thermal Software
  • Heat Transfer Education
  • Coupled (Thermo-mechanical, Thermo-optical, etc.) Effects
  • Flow Visualisation Techniques
  • Turbulence Modelling in Complex Geometrics
  • Thermal Stress: Theory and Experiment
  • Defect and failure modelling
  • Thermal Stress Failures: Prediction and Prevention
  • Reliability evolution and prediction
  • Multiphysics simulation
  • Nanotechnology Applications
  • Nanoengineering issues
  • Noise control
  • Education
  • 3DIC, power electronics.
  • Measurement of Thermal Properties