logoTH08Rome, Italy
24-26 September 2008

14th International Workshop on
Thermal investigations of ICs and Systems

Final paper submission

Papers will be presented in the technical sessions (20 minutes presentation in total including the presentation and questions from the audience). In the THERMINIC proceedings, all papers presented will appear as 6 pages manuscripts (any page in excess of 6 pages will be charged 100Euros).
Please remember that you must adhere to the following requirements:
The acceptance of your paper is based on the assumption that you or one of your co-authors will personally make the presentation at the Workshop. Please let us know immediately if you foresee any problems with this.
All attendees, including the presenters, are required to pay the registration fee of the Worshop.
Registration can be done online
If you have any change, such as your paper title, please let us know by return, for inclusion in the Programme. You can communicate the changes by e-mail
Your completed copyright form must be received by 29 August 2008.
Fill in the EDA Publishing copyright form (Pdf File) and fax it to THERMINIC local secretariat: +33 4 76 47 38 14.
In case of problem, use alternate fax: +33 4 76 46 75 18.
Your final paper (in pdf format) must be submitted for publication not later than 29 August 2008.

Important Procedure when Submitting Final Paper
It is now REQUIRED that all PDF submissions be IEEE Xplore compliant. If your file does not meet Xplore compliance, it will NOT be published and will be removed from the THERMINIC 2008 Proceedings CD-ROM. To help you meet these new requirements, you must FIRST check to ensure that your PDF file is compliant by using the IEEE PDF eXpress system BEFORE you submit your paper on the conference final submission web site.


1. Follow the instructions,
2. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress web site,
3. Use this conference ID: THERMINIC08x,

IMPORTANT NOTE: AS OF Jan 1, 2008, all submitted conference IDs will automatically have an "x" added to the conference id by the registration system.
EX: confid08 will be changed to: confid08x
If a conference id is requested for a workshop as: confid08wk, the x will be added to the end: confid08wkx.

4. Use PDF eXpress to check your PDF file,
5. When your file is confirmed as compliant, return to GlobalWare Corp. Oy for the technical management of the Workshop,
6. Submit your final paper online, using the same login ID you had used earlier to submit your paper for review,
7. Please note that NO time extensions will be granted. Even if you do not intend to make any modification to your original submission, you must still check your file for compliance on the PDF eXpress web site ...

and then Submit your paper.

THERMINIC is happy to acknowledge the services of GlobalWare Corp. Oy for the technical management of the Workshop.