9th International Workshop on
24-26 September 2003,
Aix-en-Provence, France



IEEE Computer Society

The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Test Technology Technical Council


IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society

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Aim of the Workshop

THERMINIC Workshops are a series of events to discuss the essential thermal questions of microelectronic microstructures and electronic parts in general. These questions are becoming more and more crucial with the increasing element density of deep submicron downscaling of integrated circuits necessitating thermal simulation, monitoring and cooling. Thermal management is expected to become an increasingly dominating factor of a system's cost. The high element density of MCMs, the growing power dissipated in a package, etc., and the mobile parts of microsystems raise new thermal problems to be solved in the near future necessitating the regular discussion of the experts in these fields. Finally, there is an increasing need for accurate assessment of the boundary conditions used in the analysis of electronic parts, which requires a concurrent solution of the thermal behaviour of the whole system.

The main topics to be discussed during the Workshop are the following:
  • Thermal and Temperature Sensors
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Electro-thermal Simulation
  • Thermal Modelling and Investigation of Packages
  • Reliability Issues
  • High Temperature Electronics
  • Heat Transfer Education
  • Flow Visualisation Techniques
  • Turbulence Modelling in Complex Geometrics
  • Thermal Characterization
  • Measurement of Thermal Properties
  • Acquisition and Analysis of Thermal data
  • Temperature Mapping
  • Novel and Advanced Cooling Techniques
  • Thermal Performance of Interconnects
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • Validation of Thermal Software
  • Coupled (Thermo-mechanical, Thermo-optical, etc.) Effects.

Previous THERMINIC Workshops have been held in Grenoble (1995), Budapest (1996), Cannes (1997 and 1998), Rome (1999) Budapest (2000), Paris (2001) and Madrid (2002).

The programme includes invited talks, a embedded tutorial, oral and poster presentations and a panel. Oral contributions consist of 15 min. presentations followed by 5 min. discussion. The posters will be introduced by one slide in 5 minutes each. This year, the Workshop received a total of 62 submissions.

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Workshop Committee
General Chair: B. Courtois, TIMA Laboratory, France
Vice General Chair: M. Rencz, BUTE, Budapest, Hungary
Programme Chairs: C. Lasance, Philips, The Netherlands
V. Székely, BUTE, Budapest, Hungary
Programme Committee: H. Pape, Infineon Techn./Germany
W. Batty, U. of Leeds/UK
D. Blackburn, NIST/USA
A. Shakouri, U. of California/USA
J. Parry, Flomerics/UK
G. De Mey, Ghent U./Belgium
P. Raad, South. Methodist U./USA
Y. Scudeller, Lab. Thermocinétique/France
W. Claeys, U. Bordeaux/France
A. Tay, NUS/Singapore
K. Azar, ATS/USA
G. Wachutka, TU München/Germany
M. Baelmans, KUL/Belgium
A. Napieralski, TU Lodz/Poland
E. Jones, US Air Force/USA
P. Rodgers, ETM/Ireland
Y.C. Gerstenmaier, Siemens/Germany
Y. Joshi, the Georgia Institute of Technology/USA
J.B. Saulnier, ENSMA/France
Y. Gianchandani, U. of Michigan/USA
Y. Zorian, VirageLogic/USA
D. Agonafer, U. of Texas/USA
M. Kimura, Tohoku-Gakuin U./Japan
P. Tadayon, Intel/USA
N. Sabry, Mentor Graphics/Egypt
A. Rubio, UPC/Spain
J. Rantala, Nokia/Finland
J. Samitier, U. of Barcelona/Spain
F. Christiaens, Alcatel Bell/Belgium
D. Copeland, Fujitsu/USA
O. Slattery, NMRC/Ireland
G. Digele, The Boston Cltg/Germany
B. Guenin, SUN/USA
E. Driessens, IMEC/Belgium
I. Barsony, KFKI-ATKI/Hungary
J. Janssen, Philips/The Netherlands

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More information on the Workshop is available from:

Bernard   COURTOIS

TIMA Laboratory
46 Avenue Félix Viallet
38031 Grenoble cedex, France
Tel.: +33 4 76 57 46 15
Fax: +33 4 76 47 38 14

Marta   RENCZ

Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BUTE)
Dept of Electron Devices, Goldmann György tér 3
H-1114 Budapest XI, Hungary
Tel.: +36 1 463 2702
Fax: +36 1 463 2973

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While the Workshop organisation makes every effort in order to ensure the safety and well being of all the Workshop participants and associates, the Workshop cannot take responsibility for any accident or damage that may occur during the Workshop.

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Holiday Inn Garden Court, Aix-en-Provence
5-7 Route de Galice
13090 Aix-en-Provence
Tel.: + 33-4-42527527
Fax: + 33-4-42527528
E-mail: hotelinfo@holidayinn-aix.com

Aix-en-Provence is a charming and yet lively university town; rich in historic and cultural heritage. Once the capital of the Provence Region, it possesses magnificent 17th and 18th Century architecture, ranging from town houses, churches and private hotels/museums to the typical grand ancient fountains.
The beauty of the Aix countryside dominated by Mount Sainte Victoire, has been immortalised by the famous artist Paul Cézanne and this along with the colourful markets, crowded café terraces and the typical "Provence" gourmet food and wine.


Sunny all year, warm winters, hot summers, Aix en Provence benefits from a privileged climate: really mild springs and extended Indian summers.
An ideal climate to take advantage of the cafe's terraces all year round.


Holiday Inn Garden Court Aix-en-Provence is situated close to the town center (20 minutes walking from the heart of Cézanne birth place).

The hotel is easily accessible:
  • By plane (25kms from Marseille Provence Airport).
  • By rail (1km to the station), by TGV trains (15kms).
  • By road via A8 (Autoroute du Soleil) exit Jas de Bouffan direction city center and via the A51 (Marseille/Sisteron) exit Aix quest direction city center.

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Hotel Information and Accommodation Forms

Blocks of rooms have been reserved in the Holiday Inn Garden Court Aix-en-Provence. September is a high season in Aix-en-Provence so early reservation is recommended using the appropriate form. Reservation will be on a first-come first-served basis.
There is no obligation to stay at the Holiday Inn Garden Court Aix-en-Provence.
A hotel accommodation form from the Aix-en Provence Tourism Office is available, please upload the form and return it directly to the Tourism Office if you plan to stay in the city center (20 minutes working to/from the Holiday Inn Garden Court Aix-en-Provence. The deadline to return this form is 8 August 2003.

Accommodation Forms
Holiday Inn Garden Court

Hotel Reservation Form
(html document)

After 25 August, reservation accommodation will be confirmed only upon Hotel availability.
A one night deposit is required to guarantee the room. Reservation will not be accepted without credit card information.

Tourism Office

Hotel Accommodation Form
(pdf document)

As of reception of your bulletin, it will be carried out a prereservation. This prereservation will be sent to the participant who will have to confirm it by a deposit of 30% of the total amount of stay.
With reception of the deposit, a final reservation wil be carried out. The participant will receive a confirmation of lodging including all the coordinates of the hotel.
The 30% of deposit can be regulated either by a number of credit card with scratch date or by a payable cheque of deposit at a French bank.

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Social Event on 25 September 2003
A diner will be organized at "Les Deux Garçons".

"Les Deux Garçons", all over the world known brewery, classified ancient memorial is situated in the top of Mirabeau Courts, Aix-en-Provence's main artery...
The brewery benefits from a big terrace shaded by plane trees the summer.
Inside, at the first floor, two halls in the decoration of consular time wait for you to sample seafoods, fishes, and the other delights of the leader...
Inescapable meeting of all which counts in the world of the politics, the arts, the fashion, the sport and the spectacle.
Details will be provided at the Workshop.

Café des Deux Garçons
Cours Mirabeau
13100 Aix-en-Provence

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An exhibition will be held during the time of the Workshop. Tabletop are available to companies interested to exhibit equipment, materials, software, etc...
Booking of each tabletop will also give one slot of time during the vendors' session. The number of tabletop is limited. They will be offered on a first signed - first served basis. Contact the General Chair for more information.
The Workshop will feature an exhibition along the 3 days of the Workshop. The exhibition will be open to all Workshop participants.

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