logoTH08Barcelona, Spain
6-8 October 2010

16th International Workshop on
Thermal investigations of ICs and Systems


Invited speakers

  • Microscale Heat Transfer in Single- and Two-Phase Flows: Scaling, Stability, Transition
    Gian Piero CELATA, ENEA Institute of Thermal-Fluid Dynamics, Rome, Italy

Abstract: Proper understanding of microscale transport phenomena is fundamental for the designer of microfluidic devices. For this reason, many studies have been conducted to analyse the behaviour of convective flow through microchannels, both in single-phase and in two-phase flow. The present talk is an attempt to critically analyse the available results for liquid single-phase and flow boiling heat transfer, trying to provide some sort of base note in the melisma of published data.

  • Microscale Heat Transfer Techniques for Heat Sinks and Compact Heat Exchangers
    Martine BAELMANS, Katholieke Univ. Leuven, Belgium

Abstract: Selected state of the art microscale heat transfer techniques are presented for use in heat sinks and heat exchangers. For direct liquid cooled heat sink applications, two advanced solutions for single-phase flow operation are discussed in detail: geometrical optimisation of microstructures and the use of flow unsteadiness. For two-phase flow in microchannels, the dynamics of a small-scale cooling loop are discussed related to portability and robustness. Regarding compact heat exchanger applications, the effects of downscaling are discussed in terms of the penalties on hydraulic and thermal performance. Comparing the optimal design of heat sinks (minimal thermal resistance and gradients) and heat exchangers (maximal power density), different criteria for flow conditions and material properties emerge.