Tuesday 1 October 2002

9:30 - 17:00   Tutorial

A Professional Development Course/Tutorial is being offered on Tuesday 1 October 2002 from 9.30 to 17.00. Registrations will be guarantied on a first come first serve basis, upon maximum capacity is reached.

  "Thermal Design Basics and Calculation of Air Cooling Limits"
      K. Azar, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Norwood, USA

From the inception of electronics, cooling by air has been the most desired and broadly implemented method in the industry. As materials, function, configuration and power dissipation of electronic systems have gone through, and will continue to experience broad changes, the question of effectiveness/practicality of air-cooling continues to surface. This is further amplified by data from different industry sectors claiming to have reached the limits of air-cooling. Hence, uttering heat flux data that beyond which higher mode of cooling is necessary! Such product-specific data has caused a concern in the industry as to whether air-cooling is a limiting option thus, higher modes of cooling are required. In this course a methodical procedure is presented for the designers to quickly calculate system performance with a given cooling option and determine the most suitable technique for the system at hand. The course is presented in two parts, the first part is designed to provide the basic calculation methodologies, and the second part address the issue of air-cooling as an option. The first part of the course will deal with basic calculations for thermal design. The second part will deal with the limits of air cooling.

About Kaveh Azar:
Dr. Kaveh Azar is the President and CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS). Prior to this new appointment, Dr. Azar was the founder and manager of Lucent Technologies thermal management center, responsible for developing the next generation of cooling systems. In addition, Dr. Azar has authored Lucent's thermal roadmap and served as the corporate thermal consultant. While at Lucent, he developed a state-of-the- art thermal/fluids laboratory for simulation of components, boards and systems. Since 1985, Dr. Azar has been an active participant in electronics thermal community and has served as the organizer, general chair and the keynote speaker at the national and international conferences sponsored by ASME, IEEE and AIAA. He has also been an invitee to national bodies such as NSF, NIST and NEMI for organizing government and industry research goals in electronics cooling. Dr. Azar has been an adjunct professor at a number of universities and lecturers worldwide in analytical and experimental methods in electronics cooling. He holds more than 26 national and international patents, has published more than 58 articles, 3 book chapters and a book entitled, "Thermal Measurements in Electronics Cooling". In addition, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Electronics Cooling Magazine, and was awarded IEEE SEMITHERM Significant Contributor Award in the thermal management of electronics systems.

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