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September 24-27, 2000,
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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.


IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society

General Chair
B. Courtois
TIMA Grenoble,

Vice General Chair
M. Rencz
TU Budapest,

Programme Chairs
C. Lasance
The Netherlands

V. Székely
TU Budapest,

Local Organization Chair
A. Poppe

Programme Committee
M. Baelmans

D. Agonafer

A. Bar-Cohen
U. of Minnesota/USA

W. Claeys
U. Bordeaux/France

I. Barsony
KFKI-ATKI/ Hungary

D. Blackburn
NIST Gaithersburg/USA

K. Azar
Lucent Techno./USA

G. De Mey
U. Gent/Belgium

E. Suhir
Bell Laboratories/USA

E. Jones
US Air Force/USA

Y. Zorian

P. Tuerkes

A. Tay
NU Singapore/Singapore

U. Dillner

J.M. Dorkel,

A. Rubio

B. Siegal
Thermal Eng. Ass./USA

J. Parry

M. Kimura
U. Tohoku/Japan

S. Roumenin
Bulgarian Acad. Sc./Bulgaria

J. Rantala

Y. Joshi
U. of Maryland/USA

N. Sabry
U. Mansoura/Egypt

J.B. Saulnier

H. Pape
Infineon Techno./Germany

O. Slattery

A. Napieralski
TU Lodz/Poland

M. Glesner
TH Darmstadt/Germany

D. De Cogan
U. of East Anglia/UK

H. Jaouen

P. Raad
Southern Methodist U./USA

K. Chakrabarty
Duke U./USA

Call for Papers

THERMINIC Workshops are a series of events to discuss the essential thermal questions of microelectronics microstructures and electronic parts in general. These questions are becoming more and more crucial with the increasing element density of deep submicron downscaling of integrated circuits necessitating thermal simulation, monitoring and cooling. Thermal management is expected to become an increasingly dominating factor of a system's cost. The high element density of MCMs, the growing power dissipated in a package, etc., and the mobile parts of microsystems raise new thermal problems to be solved in the near future necessitating the regular discussion of the experts in these fields. Finally, there is an increasing need for accurate assessment of the boundary conditions used in the analysis of electronic parts, which requires a concurrent solution of the thermal behaviour of the whole system.

The Workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Council and TIMA Laboratory in cooperation with the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society and with the DETERMIN Project supported by the European Commission.

Areas of interest:

The areas of interest range from thermal investigations in microstructures to thermal management of electronic systems.

Thermal and Temperature Sensors
Thermal Simulation
Electro-thermal Simulation
Thermal Modelling and Investigation of Packages
Reliability Issues
High Temperature Electronics
Heat Transfer Education
Flow Visualisation Techniques
Turbulence Modelling in Complex Geometrics
Thermal Characterization
Measurement of Thermal Properties
Acquisition and Analysis of Thermal Data
Temperature Mapping
Novel and Advanced Cooling Techniques
Thermal Performance of Interconnects
Heat Transfer Enhancement
Validation of Thermal Software
Coupled (thermo-mechanical, thermo-optical, etc.) Effects.

Technical Programme:

The programme will include oral talks, poster presentation, a panel discussion and 3 invited talks given by prominent speakers.

Vendor and book exhibition:

The THERMINIC Workshop invites vendors offering products in the scope of the Workshop to exhibit. Editors are invited to exhibit books.

Information for the authors:

Authors are invited to submit electronic papers describing recent work. Panel proposals are also invited. Papers may be extended summaries (minimum 500 words) or full papers although preference will be given to full paper submissions. In either case, clearly describe the nature of the work, explain its significance, highlight novel features, and describe its current status.
Please include title, name and affiliations of all authors, an abstract of 50 words or less and suggested topics. Also identify a contact author and include a complete mailing address, phone number, fax number and E-mail address.
Only electronic submissions are accepted. The papers should be prepared in Postscript, text, Microsoft Word or PDF format and should be submitted to the THERMINIC email: Therm2K@imag.fr

Accepted contributions will be included in Workshop Proceedings.
Submission deadline: 21 April 2000
Notification of acceptance: 09 June 2000
Submission of manuscripts for distribution at the Workshop: 31 August 2000

Special Issue of Journals:

Special Issues and special sections of leading periodicals have been organized as follow up of the previous Workshops (Journal of Sensors and Actuators, Microelectronics Journal, IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology - Part A). In 1999, arrangements have been made with the IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies and with the Microelectronics Journal.

Professional Development Courses/Tutorials:

A Tutorial is being offered on Sunday 24 September, prior to the Workshop. Details will be published in the Programme booklet.

E. Suhir, Lucent Technologies, USA "Thermal Stress Failures in Microelectronic and Photonic Packaging: Prediction and Prevention".


The Workshop will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Submit all paper proposals and/or intentions to participate to:

46 Avenue Félix Viallet
38031 Grenoble cedex

E-mail : Therm2K@imag.fr

WWW: http://tima.imag.fr/conferences/therminic


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