THERMINIC 1995 - Aim of the Workshop

The THERMINIC Workshop is the first issue of a series of events to discuss the essential thermal questions of microelectronics and microstructures. These questions are becoming more and more crucial with the increasing element density of deep submicron downscaling of integrated circuits necessitating thermal simulation, monitoring and cooling. The high element density of MCMs and the mobile parts of microsystems raise newer and newer thermal problems to be solved in the near future. Thermal effects on the other hand can be used as bases of sensor or other functional structures.
The main topics to be discussed during the workshop are the followings : Further related topics are presented on posters.
The Programme Committee has accepted 30 contributions for oral and 13 papers for poster presentation.
Oral contributions consist of 15 min. presentation followed by 5 min. discussion.
The posters will be introduced by one slide in 2 minutes each.